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Coleman French, LP

Position: C Shift EMS Captain
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My career trajectory has been dynamic, transitioning from an initial pursuit of nuclear engineering during my college years to my current role as a dedicated paramedic with a keen interest in computers and technology.

Coleman French wearing blue button down in front of Texas and American Flag

While my early academic focus was in nuclear engineering, a pivotal moment led me to join a Volunteer Fire Department (VFD), sparking my passion for Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Subsequently, I redirected my career path, earning my EMT certification and commencing my professional journey at Brazos County Jail, an environment that provided a distinctive context for delivering medical care.

Seeking to enhance my medical proficiency, I pursued paramedic education, culminating in the acquisition of a paramedic license. This qualification enabled me to contribute to the esteemed Robertson County EMS, where I have progressed through various roles, from field paramedic to Shift Captain, cultivating a wealth of experience and expertise.

Beyond the realm of EMS, my professional interests extend to the intricacies of computer networking. With a penchant for troubleshooting and designing robust systems, I find fulfillment in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology. Additionally, I enjoy unwinding through the medium of video games, providing a balance to my professional endeavors.

While technology and professional pursuits are central to my identity, I also appreciate the outdoors, engaging in activities such as hiking and participating in paintball as a means of fostering a well-rounded lifestyle.

 Thank you for taking the time to get acquainted, and feel free to connect as we navigate the multifaceted journey of life.




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