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Harold H. Luster, II

Robertson County EMS

Harold Luster, II wearing a cowboy hat and blue plaid shirt

December 28, 1972 - September 20, 2001

Born and raised in the heart of Robertson County, Harold’s journey began as a local. After completing his education at Hearne High School, he found himself treading a path his father had paved before him. Enrolling in the TEEX Fire and Paramedic Program, Harold’s dedication and commitment shone brightly. He wasn’t just following his father’s footsteps; he was crafting his own legacy.

A Passionate Paramedic

Harold’s story took him to become a Paramedic for Robertson County Emergency Medical Services (EMS), where he poured his heart and soul into his work. He embodied the spirit of service, approaching his profession with relentless enthusiasm. Harold had a way of lighting up any room he entered. Describing him as having an outgoing personality would be an immense understatement. He radiated positivity, his presence leaving an indelible mark on everyone he encountered.

A Tireless Pursuit of Excellence

Harold’s journey was marked by his unwavering commitment to excellence. He tirelessly honed his skills, striving to become the best paramedic around. His commitment wasn’t limited to personal growth; he extended his time and efforts to those who needed him the most — the sick and injured. The impact he had on fellow paramedics and EMS personnel is immeasurable. His willingness to guide new paramedics was a testament to his character, albeit often accompanied by light-hearted jests at their rookie blunders.

A Tragic Loss, A Lasting Legacy

However, life’s unpredictability cast a shadow over Harold’s remarkable journey. On September 20, 2001, a tragedy struck, cutting his life short due to an impaired driver. This loss left a void that words can hardly encapsulate. The legacy he was building abruptly came to a halt, leaving behind memories that would forever remain vivid.

Honoring Harold’s Memory

In the wake of his absence, the Harold H. Luster II Scholarship Program emerged as a beacon of remembrance and hope. This program stands as a tribute to Harold’s spirit, designed to honor those who embody his dedication to helping others and striving for excellence. It seeks out individuals who go beyond the call of duty, making a difference in their field and community, just as Harold did during his all-too-brief but impactful time with us.

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