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Margaret Elizabeth Quinn

Robertson County EMS

Margaret Elizabeth Quinn portrait  wearing white shirt  and gray background

Margaret Quinn, a woman of remarkable achievements and boundless dedication, left an indelible mark on her community through her multifaceted contributions. Her journey began as a devoted educator, where she dedicated over 35 years to molding young minds, establishing a lasting legacy in institutions like Hearne ISD, Franklin ISD, and Normangee ISD. However, her commitment extended beyond the classroom walls. She emerged as an early advocate for accessible healthcare, playing a vital role as a founding member of the Franklin Clinic. Additionally, her involvement in the Franklin Housing Authority further underscored her commitment to community welfare.

Margaret's pioneering spirit found its expression in her deep love for the outdoors. As a skilled barrel racer, she fearlessly commanded rodeo arenas, epitomizing unwavering determination. This same tenacity led her to an extraordinary accomplishment: she became the first woman in Robertson County to obtain a motorcycle license, embodying her adventurous nature.

Yet, her fearlessness was not limited to the arenas and open roads. It permeated her dedication to emergency care. Margaret's unwavering commitment encompassed both her role as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and her instrumental service as a founding member of the Robertson County EMS board. Collectively, these roles spanned over 40 years, a testament to her profound investment in saving lives and nurturing community well-being.

Her tireless efforts embodied the essence of community care, extending beyond immediate emergencies. She shared her expertise by teaching CPR and played an instrumental role in guiding the organization towards its life-saving mission.

Even after her active tenure as an EMT, Margaret's commitment persisted. Her continued involvement on the board of directors showcased her enduring dedication, offering invaluable expertise to steer the organization's mission. Her influence transcended local boundaries; she ventured with Doctors without Borders to provide aid in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster, a true testament to her unwavering global compassion.

Amidst her numerous accomplishments, Margaret remained a pillar of devotion within her family. Love, protection, and creativity defined her relationships as a dedicated big sister, role model for her daughters, and affectionate grandmother and great-grandmother. Her skilled hands as a seamstress gifted her family with beautiful garments, further solidifying her as a symbol of love.

Margaret Quinn's legacy continues to thrive in her daughters, Dena Struck, Cindy Quinn-Fleming, and Tomi Quinn Houston, as well as in the hearts of her numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. As we reflect on Margaret's life, her resolute strength, unwavering dedication, and profound influence on her community and beyond resonate deeply.

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