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Renda Jackson, EMT-P

Position: A Shift EMS Lieutenant
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Renda's journey as a dedicated and lifelong resident of Robertson County has been marked by significant milestones. Graduating with honors from Bremond High School in 2001, she embarked on a path of continuous learning. After completing her education at Blinn College, Renda earned an EMT certification, further solidifying her commitment to emergency medical services.

Driven by a passion for serving her community, Renda continued her educational pursuits at TEEX ESTI, where she honed her skills to become a Paramedic. In November 2002, she proudly joined the Robertson County EMS team, bringing her expertise and dedication to the forefront of healthcare in the community.

Beyond her role in emergency medical services, Renda has been an indispensable member of the Calvert Volunteer Fire Department since 2001. Her involvement has been dynamic, holding various positions that showcase her multifaceted contributions. Currently, Renda holds the esteemed position of Fire Chief, a testament to her leadership and commitment within the department.

Residing in Calvert, Renda's roots run deep, and her unwavering dedication to community service has become a defining aspect of her impactful presence. Her involvement in both EMS and the fire department reflects not only professional excellence but also a personal commitment to the safety and well-being of her fellow community members.

It is worth noting that Renda's journey is deeply intertwined with the legacy of her family, as she proudly carries the mantle of being the daughter of the esteemed longtime Calvert Fire Chief, Joe Jackson. This familial connection adds a layer of tradition and heritage to Renda's service, making her contributions even more resonant within the fabric of Robertson County.

Renda Jackson in blue button down infront of Texas and American Flag
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