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Reserve Ambulance

 Reserve Ambulance: Always Ready When You Need Us

RCEMS ambulance in front of entrance to Kyle field

 Reserve Ambulance:

Our Reserve Ambulance stands at the ready to enter frontline service whenever the need arises. While unstaffed, it's equipped and primed to respond to emergencies or act as a backup in case other units face mechanical issues. We also can staff this unit when the need arises so that more ambulances can ber in service. This versatile unit is an essential component of our commitment to providing exceptional emergency medical services to our community.

Always Prepared:

The Reserve Ambulance is ever-prepared for swift deployment, ensuring that we can maintain our promise of being there for you when you need us. Its role is critical, as it guarantees that even in emergencies or unforeseen situations, a reliable and well-equipped ambulance is available to serve your needs.

Key Features

- Advanced Equipment:

 The Reserve Ambulance is equipped with advanced life-saving equipment almost is not identical to our frontline units to address various medical emergencies swiftly and effectively.

- Rapid Activation:

When the call for help comes in, this unit can be quickly staffed and deployed, becoming a vital frontline asset.

- Reliable Backup:

In the event of mechanical problems with other units, the Reserve Ambulance seamlessly steps in, ensuring continuity of care.

- Essential Support:

Whether as a primary or backup unit, our Reserve Ambulance is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional emergency medical services.

When you see our Reserve Ambulance on the road, remember that it is a symbol of our dedication to your safety and well-being, ensuring that help is always close at hand.

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