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 ROTH ID TAG™ System:

 Ensuring Safety and Connectivity in Emergencies

Keeping Families Connected in Emergency Situations

The ROTH ID TAG™ Identification System is designed to provide critical information during emergencies, helping to ensure the safety and well-being of your loved ones. Created out of a deep personal loss, this system aims to prevent the trauma of unidentified individuals in emergency situations.

The First Universal Emergency Contact Identification System

The ROTH ID TAG™ Identification System is an information tag that can be affixed to any product used by an infant, young child, or person under the care of a parent or guardian. Used by any person, children or adults. The first focus will be to get these on every car seat. From car seats to walkers, for young to old, the options are endless!

The ROTH ID TAG™ is a durable, reflective, waterproof/heat/UV resistant tag that adheres to almost any hard surface. The tag includes an area on the back for users to write emergency information, along with three adhesive strips. The two long strips are used to affix the tag to the carseat. 

In the event of an emergency, the ROTH ID TAG™ removable strip can be detached from the tag and used as an emergency medical wristband by first responders. This reduces the risk of misinformation or loss of information in chaotic emergency situations.

The Roth ID Tag Story

The ROTH ID TAG™ was born from tragedy. On December 23, 2022, Julie Roth and her infant daughter, Edna Rose, lost their lives in a devastating 47-car pile-up on the Ohio Turnpike. Julie’s surviving children, Ayla and Rory, faced a terrifying wait for identification and contact with their father. This heartbreaking experience drove us to create a solution that would ensure no family has to endure such a scenario again.

Our mission is to keep families connected during emergencies, working closely with first responders, medical professionals, and parents to develop a product that is both compliant and accessible. The Julie Roth Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is dedicated to providing the resources needed to capture and share critical information when it matters most.

How It Works

For Parents & Guardians:

  1. Get a ROTH ID TAG™: Order your tag from
  2. Fill Out and Register: Complete the information on the tag and optionally register it online for added benefits.
  3. Apply the Tag: Remove the adhesive strips and place the tag on the back or side of your child’s car seat.
  4. Update Regularly: Every six months, check your online profile to ensure all information is current.
  5. In an Emergency: The ROTH ID TAG™ can be detached and used as an emergency medical wristband for first responders to access crucial information.

For Medical Professionals and First Responders:

  • Access Information: Use the QR code on the ROTH ID TAG™ wristband to access immediate emergency information or visit for more details.
  • Locate the Tag: Always look for the ROTH ID TAG™ on the back or side of car seats. Follow the arrows to release the tag and use it to identify and secure the child or person.

Why Choose ROTH ID TAG™?

  • Security and Safety: Provides reliable identification and emergency contact information.
  • Communication and Connection: Ensures quick communication in critical moments.
  • Respect for Life: Honors the memory of loved ones by enhancing safety measures.
  • Support for Guardians and First Responders: Simplifies the process for those who care for children during emergencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register my ROTH ID TAG™? 

Registration is optional but recommended for added security and convenience.

How do I update my ROTH ID TAG™? 

Once applied, tags cannot be updated physically. You can order a new tag online and dispose of the old one.

Can I transfer my ROTH ID TAG™ to a new car seat? 

Tags cannot be transferred once applied. Obtain a new tag for new seats.

What else can I put a ROTH ID TAG™ on? 

Tags can be used on strollers, bicycles, helmets, UTVs, and more. Additional products like wristbands, keychains, and decals are also available.


Visit ROTH ID TAG™ today to learn more and keep your family connected in emergencies. Your proactive steps can make all the difference.

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