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Shattered Dreams

Sponser: Robertson County EMS

The "Shattered Dreams" program is an educational initiative primarily aimed at high school students to raise awareness about the real-life consequences of impaired and distracted driving, especially due to alcohol or drug use. The program is often organized by local law enforcement agencies, schools, or community organizations.

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Key components of the "Shattered Dreams" program may include:

1. **Mock Crash**: The program usually starts with a simulated car crash scenario at the school, often involving student participants who act as crash victims, impaired drivers, and first responders. The crash scene is designed to resemble a real accident, complete with emergency services response, extraction of injured students, and even a simulated fatality.

2. **Impactful Presentation**: Following the mock crash, students attend an assembly where they witness emotional and impactful presentations. These presentations may involve parents of actual crash victims, emergency responders, and healthcare professionals who share their experiences and the real-life consequences of impaired and distracted driving.

3. **Legal Consequences**: The program often includes information about the legal consequences of impaired driving, including DUI penalties and potential incarceration.

4. **Personal Stories**: Survivors of car accidents related to impaired or distracted driving may share their personal stories, highlighting the profound impact these incidents can have on individuals and their families.

5. **Peer Education**: Peer leaders and educators often play a significant role in delivering the program's message, making it more relatable to the student audience.

6. **Prevention Messages**: The program emphasizes the importance of making responsible choices and not driving while impaired or distracted. It promotes alternatives like using a designated driver, ride-sharing services, or public transportation.

The "Shattered Dreams" program aims to engage students emotionally, making them more aware of the potentially life-altering consequences of risky behavior behind the wheel. By witnessing the aftermath of a simulated crash and hearing from real people affected by such incidents, participants are encouraged to make safer choices and become advocates for responsible driving.

The program is widely recognized for its effectiveness in educating young drivers about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving, ultimately contributing to a reduction in accidents and fatalities among young people.

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